Euro windowsEuro Profile 92mm Timber/Aluminium Windows  Strength, Style and Performance

Inward opening tilt and turn windows for modern and classic homes. GreenSteps Euro profile timber/aluminium triple glazed windows are the natural choice for high performance developments. New 92mm version, for improved u-value performance with 48mm triple glazed units.

Features for life Benefits for living

Slick, secure and durable, GreenSteps Euro profile windows have a stylish design, top quality adjustable hardware and enjoy the GreenSteps multi stage finish process. Triple glazed units and double sealing ensure warmth and quiet inside. Factory finished aluminium cladding minimises maintenance. The warmth of timber with the technology of the future. GreenSteps Euro windows with thermal performance up to Passivhaus standard and strength and durability of engineered timber frames. Tilt and turn function for easy cleaning and ventilation.

The technical stuff that makes them work

Siegenia tilt and turn hardware with multipoint locking. Double sealing gaskets. Triple glazed Argon or Krypton filled units. Optional integrated blinds. Can be made as balcony doors or tilt and slide doors.
Download a technical drawing in a PDF format here or a DWG version here.