High Quality Sustainable Windows & Doors

Supplying high quality windows and doors for eco-building projects in the UK since 2006


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High performance glazing suitable for any home or commercial project.

About Our Windows & Doors

GreenSteps has been supplying high quality windows and doors for eco-building projects in the UK since 2006. GreenSteps triple glazed windows and doors are renowned for outstanding quality.

Timber is the most sustainable material from which to manufacture windows and doors. GreenSteps ensures that we source our timber from sustainably managed forests.

GreenSteps triple glazed timber windows and doors are some of the highest performance glazing products available in the UK. They are suitable for all low energy and Passivhaus building projects.

GreenSteps Logo

It's a family business

We are a 100% family owned business, operated and controlled from our Suffolk based HQ. Since 2006, we’ve been supplying high performance eco-building products to the UK market. Now our main speciality, GreenSteps windows and doors represent the uncompromising high standards we strive for.

Windows and doors developed for tomorrow’s buildings

We are proud to have worked with the same production facilities for our windows and doors since 2008. GreenSteps windows and doors were developed by us specifically for the UK. Built to the highest performance standards, not specified down to a price level. Brought to you directly to keep prices low. Supplied to the lowest energy projects since 2008.

Using the same production facilities since


GreenSteps convictions walking the talk

All GreenSteps timber is sourced from sustainably managed forests. We only produce low energy products – with timber frames made for triple glazed units. Our office is triple glazed and super insulated. We use recycled Carbon neutral paper and our printing is done with vegetable based inks. We re-use our exhibition stands again and again. We believe in what we sell.

Featured Products

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Scandinavian Slimline – Modern

Reynaers CS77

Fire Resistant EI45 Timber

Scandinavian Slimline – COto

Sliding sash – cords and weights

Euro Profile tilt and turn – 90mm

Reynaers SL38